Introduction :

Rabbits Are Small Mammals In The Family Leporidae Of The Order Lagomorpha Found In Several Parts Of The World. There Are Eight Different Genera In The Family Classified As Rabbits Including The European Rabbit ( Oryctolaguscuniculus ), Cottontail Rabbits ( genus Sylvilagus 13 species ) And The Amami Rabbit ( Pentalagusfurnessi An Endangered Species On Amami Ōshima, Japan ). There Are Many Other Species Of Rabbit And These Along With Pikas And Hares, Make Up The Order Lagomorpha. The Male Is Called A “ Buck “And The Female Is A “ Doe “ A Young Rabbit Is A “ Kitten “ Or “ Kit “.

Rabbit Habitats Include Meadows, Woods, Forests, Grasslands, Deserts And Wetlands. Rabbits Live In Groups And The Best Known Species The “ European Rabbit “ Lives In Underground Burrows Or Rabbit Holes. A Group Of Burrows Is Called A “ Warren “.

Rabbits Are Crepuscular Most Active At Dawn And Dusk. The Average Sleep Time Of A Captive Rabbit Is Said To Be 8.4 Hours.

Human Touch :

Leporids Such As European Rabbits And Hares Are A Food Meat In Europe, South America, North America And Some Parts Of The Middle East.

Rabbit Is Still Sold In UK Butchers And Markets And Some Supermarkets Sell Frozen Rabbit Meat. Additionally Some Have Begun Selling Fresh Rabbit Meat Alongside Other Types Of Game. At Farmers Markets And The Famous Borough Market In London, Rabbits Will Be Displayed Dead And Hanging Unbutchered In The Traditional Style Next To Braces Of Pheasant And Other Small Game. Rabbit Meat Was Once Commonly Sold In Sydney, Australia. Rabbit Meat Is Also Commonly Used In Moroccan Cuisine Where It Is Cooked In A Tajine With ” Raisins And Grilled Almonds Added A Few Minutes Before Serving “.

When Used For Food, Rabbits Are Both Hunted And Bred For Meat. Snares Or Guns Are Usually Employed When Catching Wild Rabbits For Food. In Many Regions Rabbits Are Also Bred For Meat, A Practice Called Cuniculture. Rabbit Meat Is A Source Of High Quality Protein. It Can Be Used In Most Ways Chicken Meat Is Used. In Fact Well-Known Chef Mark Bittman Says That Domesticated Rabbit Tastes Like Chicken Because Both Are Blank Palettes Upon Which Any Desired Flavors Can Be Layered. Rabbit Meat Is Leaner Than Beef And Chicken Meat. Rabbit Products Are Generally Labeled In Three Ways, The First Being Fryer. This Is A Young Rabbit Between 2.04 And 2.3 Kilograms ( 4.5 & 5 lb ) And Up To 9 Weeks In Age. This Type Of Meat Is Tender And Fine Grained. The Next Product Is A Roaster. They Are Usually Over 2.3 Kilograms ( 5 lb ) And Up To 8 Months In Age. The Flesh Is Firm And Coarse Grained And Less Tender Than A Fryer. Then There Are Giblets Which Include The Liver And Heart. One Of The Most Common Types Of Rabbit To Be Bred For Meat Is New Zealand White Rabbit.

Rabbit Pelts Are Sometimes Used For Clothing And Accessories, Such As Scarves Or Hats. Angora Rabbits Are Bred For Their Long, Fine Hair, Which Can Be Sheared And Harvested Like Sheep wool. Rabbits Are Very Good Producers Of Manure Additionally, Their Urine Being High In Nitrogen Makes Lemon Trees Very Productive. Their Milk May Also Be Of Great Medicinal Or Nutritional Benefit Due To Its High Protein Content.

In India Rabbits Are Generally Kept By People As Their House Pet.