Introduction :

The Japanese Quail Coturnixjaponica Is A Migratory, Gallineous, Ground Dwelling Game Bird Native To East Asia And Japan. They Were First Domesticated In The Eleventh Century As Song Birds By The Emperors Of Japan. By 1910, Their Meat And Eggs Had Become Popular Food Items In That Country. Different Strains Were Developed For Either Meat Or Egg Production.

In The Past Few Decades The Meat And Eggs Of Japanese Quail Have Become Popular In Europe And The Middle East. Today Quail Meat Is Consumed In North America As Gourmet Food Items. Quail Meat Is Becoming A Popular And Regular Part Of The Canadian Diet.

The Quail Called “ Bater ” In Hindi Is A Small Type Of Bird That Belongs To The Pheasant Family. There Are Two Species Of Quail In India, The Black-Breasted Quail Found In Jungle ( CoturnixCoromandelica ) And The Brown-Coloured Japanese Quail ( CoturnixCoturnixjaponica ) Which Is Bred For Meat Or The One Used For Commercial Quail Production.

Like Chickens These Birds Are Being Used For Food Purpose In India. There Are 45 Species Of Quail. Although The Japanese Quail Is The Largest Species, It Is Much Smaller Then pigeon. While Indian Quail Weighs Up To 100 gm And Lays 100 Eggs A Year, The Japanese Quail Weighs Up To 200 gm And Lays 280 Eggs A Year.

Human Touch :

• In History Of Roman Script, It Is Seen That The Quail ( Bater ) Meat Is A Human Food From Its Ancient Time.
• Quail Meat Is Tender, Delicious And Nutritious. The Breast And Legs Are Considered Delicious.
• The Meat Of Quail Is Of High Quality. As It Contains Balanced Protein And Essential Amino Acids With Less Carbohydrate.
• Less Fat Content ( Low Calorific Value ) With More Of Phospholipds. No Fear Of Cholesterol.
• The Meat And Eggs Of Quail Birds Are Good For The Health And Hence Recommended Strongly.
• The Quail ( Buter) Meat Is Having Low Heat Producing Capacity Which Is The Advantages For Children And Pregnant Ladies.
• Quail Meat Promotes Body And Brain Development In Childrens.
• Best Balanced Food For Pregnant And Nursing Mothers.
• In Kerala State Even Today The Quail Meat Is Used For Asthama Patients To Increase Their Immunity.