Introduction :

Pigeons And Doves Constitute The Bird Clade Columbidae That Includes Some 310 species. They Are Stout-Bodied Birds With Short Necks And Have Short Slender Bills With Fleshy Ceres. Doves Feed On Seeds, Fruits And Plants. This Family Occurs Worldwide But The Greatest Variety Is In The Indo Malaya And Australasia Eco zones.

” Dove ” Tends To Be Used For Smaller Species And ” Pigeon ” For Larger Ones.

Doves And Pigeons Build Relatively Flimsy Nests From Sticks And Other Debris Which May Be Placed In Trees, On Ledges Or On The Ground Depending On Species. They Lay One Or Two Eggs And Both Parents Care For The Young Which Leave The Nest After 7 To 28 Days. Unlike Most Birds Both Sexes Of Doves And Pigeons Produce ” Crop Milk ” To Feed To Their Young, Secreted By A Sloughing Of Fluid-Filled Cells From The Lining Of The Crop. Young Doves And Pigeons Are Called ” Squabs “.

Pigeons And Doves Exhibit Considerable Variations In Size. The Largest Species Is The Crowned Pigeon Of New Guinea Which Is Nearly Turkey-Sized At A Weight Of 2–4 Kg ( 4. 4 – 8. 8 lb ) The Smallest Is The New World Ground Dove Of The Genus Columbia Which Is The Same Size As A House Sparrow And Weighs As Little As 22 grams.

Human Touch :

Several Species Of Pigeons And Doves Are Used As Food And Probably Any Could be; The Powerful Breast Muscles Characteristic Of The Family Make Excellent Meat. Domesticated Or Hunted Pigeon Have Been Used As The Source Of Food Since Ancient Middle East, Ancient Rome And Medieval Europe. It Is Familiar Meat Within Jewish, Arab And French Cuisines.

In Europe The Wood Pigeon Is Commonly Shot As A Game Bird, While Rock Pigeons Were Originally Domesticated As A Food Species And Many Breeds Were Developed For Their Meat-Bearing Qualities. The Extinction Of The Passenger Pigeon In North America Was At Least Partly Due To Shooting For Use As Food. Mrs. Beeton’s Book Of Household Management Contains Recipes For Roast Pigeon And Pigeon Pie A Popular Inexpensive Food In Victorian Industrial Britain.

But In India Pigeons Are Commonly Kept By People As Their Hobby With Lot Of Love For Them.