Introduction :

Duck Is The Common Name For A Large Number Of Species In The Anatidae Family Of Birds, Which Also Includes Swans And Geese. Ducks Are Mostly Aquatic Birds, Mostly Smaller Than The Swans and Geese, And May Be Found In Both Fresh Water And Sea Water.

Ducks Are Sometimes Confused With Several Types Of Unrelated Water Birds With Similar Forms, Such As Loons Or Divers, Grebes, Gallinules And Coots.

Human Touch :

Ducks Have Many Economic Uses, Being Farmed For Their Meat, Eggs, Feathers, ( Particularly Their Down ). They Are Also Kept And Bred By Aviculturists And Often Displayed In Zoos.

In Many Areas Wild Ducks Of Various Species ( Including Ducks Farmed And Released Into The Wild ) Are Hunted For Food Or Sport, By Shooting Or Formerly By Decoys. Because An Idle Floating Duck Or A Duck Squatting On Land Cannot React To Fly Or Move Quickly ” A Sitting Duck ” Has Come To Mean ” An Easy Target “.