Introduction :

The Chicken Is A Domesticated Fowl, A Subspecies Of The Red Jungle fowl. As One Of The Most Common And Widespread Domestic Animals With A Population Of More Than 24 Billion In 2003, There Are More Chickens In The World Than Any Other Species Of Bird.

Humans Keep Chickens Primarily As A Source Of Food, Consuming Both Their Meat And Their Eggs.

Chickens Farmed For Meat Are Called Broiler Chickens. Chickens Will Naturally Live For 6 Or More Years, But Broiler Chickens Typically Take Less Than 6 Weeks To Reach Slaughter Size. A Free Range Or Organic Meat Chicken Will Usually Be Slaughtered At About 14 Weeks Of Age.

Human Touch :

The Meat Of The Chicken Also Called ” Chicken ” Is A Type Of Poultry Meat. Because Of Its Relatively Low Cost, Chicken Is One Of The Most Used Meats In The World. Nearly All Parts Of The Bird Can Be Used For Food, And The Meat Can Be Cooked In Many Different Ways.

Popular Chicken Dishes Include Roasted Chicken, Fried Chicken, Chicken Soup, Buffalo Wings, Tandoori Chicken, Butter Chicken And Chicken Rice. Chicken Is Also A Staple Of Many Fast Food Restaurants.

More Than 50 Billion Chickens Are Reared Annually As A Source Of Food For Both Their Meat And Their Eggs. People In India Doing A Business Of Chickens In The Form Of Poultry Farms, Chicken Shops And Serves Also To Hospitality.

Apart From Above Chickens Are Also Kept By Human As Their Pet. There Are Different Breeds Available To Kept As Pet Like – Aseel, Giriraj, Vanraj etc.