Honey Has Been Used For Its Medicinal And Therapeutic Value For Centuries In India. ADILAID Foods & Feeds Pvt. Ltd., Saw The Potential Of Honey Beyond Its Remedial Value, Helping Every Household Imbibe The Goodness Of This Natural Wonder Liquid In Their Day – To – Day Life.

Quality Advantages :

• AFF Honey Sourced Selectively From The Valley’s Of Heaven Of Earth. ( Kashmir )
• Collection Process Follows Stringent Quality Checks To Ensure Even Raw Unfiltered Honey Is Of Best Quality.
• Raw Honey Is Filtered & Cleaned Of Impurities Such As Dust, Pollen And Wax At State – Of – The – Art Facilities.

Hony Facts :

• Honey Is Known To Promote Good Health And Acts As A Good Cleansing Tonic That Revitalizes The Entire Body.
• Honey Is The Best Source Of Natural Unrefined Sugars And Carbohydrates.
• It Is Easily Absorbed By The Body And Provides Instant Energy.
• Honey Is Commonly Used As A Home Remedy To Treat Colds And Coughs.
• Scientists Have Found That Honey Has Antioxidants And A Large Variety Of Vitamins, Minerals And Amino Acids.
• This Makes It An Effective Anti – Microbial Agent That Prevents Bacterial Growth.
• Honey Acts As A Mild Antiseptic, Keeping External Wounds Free From Infection.
• Honey Is Used As A Mild Laxative As Well As A Treatment For Diarrhea, Since It Fights Bacteria In The Stomach.
• Honey Helps Fight Germs By Converting Oxygen In The System To Hydrogen Peroxide, Which Is A Very Good Disinfectant.

Our Honey Range :

Sr. NoTypeSize
1Type 11000 ml
2Type 2500 ml
3Type 3100 ml