Pigeons are a type of Birds that has been long bred by Man. Pigeon breeding has become successful with ADILAID Foods & Feeds balanced formulas of concentrated pigeon feeds for fattening and breeding of pigeons whether for specialised pigeon projects or for amateur breeders.

Crude Protein 21.2 % MinADILAID Premium Pigeon Feed is formulated from Grains, Pulses, Essential Amino Acids, Vitamins, Minerals, Trace Minerals, Toxin, Binders and Mold Inhibitor.
Crude Fat6 % Min
Crude Fiber4.5 % Max
Calcium1 %
Phosphorus0.6 %
Salt0.4 %
Ash3.5 %
Moisture12 % Max

Feeding Pattern :-

The said feed can be fed in the following patterns:-
• Feed should be offered twice daily; morning and evening.

Key Futures :-

• Increases the productivity of Pigeons.
• Increases the weight.
• Increases the craw milk in mother pigeons for the first days of the chick.