ADILAID Foods & Feeds Pvt. Ltd. Have Launched A Series Of Premium Animal & Bird Feeds. Our Feed Is Well Balanced & Formulated From Various Essential Ingredients, Vitamins & Minerals For Healthy Developments In Animal & Birds.

Crude Protein16 % MinVitamin D1000 IU/KgFeed is formulated from Grains, Pulses, Digestible fibres,non-digestible fibres, vitamins, minerals.
Crude Fat2.6 % MinVitamin E20 mg/Kg
Crude Fiber7.4 % MinCobalt0.6 mg/Kg
Ash6.2 %Copper30 mg/Kg
Metabolizable Energy12.41 MJ/KgIodine2 mg/Kg
Calcium1.46 %Iron30 mg/Kg
Phosphorus0.50 &Manganese30 mg/Kg
Salt0.60 %Selenium0.3 mg/Kg
Vitamin A10000 IU/KgZinc60 mg/Kg

Feeding Pattern :-

• Free choice stall feeding.
• Feeding goats @ 3% of live body weight.

Key Futures :-

• Excellent digestive ratio of up to 86% of feed given, weight gain ratio of 25% of digested feed, which is the best ratio ever achieved by any feed formulated so far.
• Save on expenses of deworming, since our feed has been formulated with the preventive measures required for it.
• Enhances physical appearance like healthy skin and shiny hairs.
• Since all vital nutrients are provided in the feed, hence no additional supplements are required to be given separately.
• The non-digestible fibres provided in the feed helps in keeping the metabolism clear which further prevents many other problems.
• Along with healthy growth & development, the immunity to diseases also increases significantly with our feed.
• Almost all the essential minerals are included in our feed because without minerals all the other components of the body will be unable to function properly
• In Does ( Female Goat ) our feed increases the quality & quantity of milk.
• Goats fed with our feed have been found to have ideal quantities of proteins as well as fats along with better texture of meat.