Ducks are raised as pets on small ponds or lakes, for release in hunting preserves or conservation areas, and for eating purposes.

A combination of good nutrition and proper management are essential for raising healthy ducks.

Maximum efficiency for growth and reproduction can be obtained by using commercially prepared diets. Because pet ducks are generally raised on open ponds or lakes, they are subject to predation. Predators that can damage your duck flock include: turtles, owl, hawks, raccoons, skunks, opossums, cats, and dogs. If possible, your ducks should be maintained in an enclosure that prevents predator access.

Feed that is especially prepared for ducks is ideal. Beware of cheap rations that contain a lot of by-product ingredients because they may cost you money in the form of decreased body weight gain, poor feathering, reduced egg production, and hatch-ability, or other problems. A quality feed from a reputable dealer is usually the most profitable feed in the long run.

Feeding Pattern :-

The said feed can be fed in the following patterns:-
• Growing ducks should be allowed free access to feed and water at all times.